Adult Diaper Sizes

Adult Diaper Size Chart

Abena Abri-Form

Abena Abri-Form M4 Fitted Brief, Medium, 14 Count
Waist Size Size
23.5-33.5 inches S4
27-43 inches M4
39-59 inches L4
43-67 inches XL4

Abena Abri-Form feature four refastenable tapes, elasticated leg gatherers, and soft standing leak guards. They are plastic backed but the newer Abena Premium AirPlus are completely breathable.

Attends Underwear Extra

Attends Extra Absorbency Protective 4 pack Underwear size Large
Waist Size Weight Size
34-44 inches 120-175 lbs Medium
44-58 inches 170-210 lbs Large
58-68 inches 210-250 lbs X-Large
68-80 inches 250+ lbs XX-Large

Attends Underwear Extra contain absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for extra absorbency and a breathable air-flow material.

Bambino Bellisimo

Bambino Bellissimo Medium , White and Multi-Color - 32
Waist Size Size
32-44 inches Medium
44-58 inches Large
59-64 inches X-Large

Bambino Bellisimo have standing leg cuffs, extra-absorbent wings in the front and back, and an extra-wide refastenable taping system with no wetness indicator.

Depend Underwear for Men Maximum Absorbency

Depend for Men Incontinence Underwear, Maximum Absorbency, Small/Medium, 19 Count (Pack of 4)
Waist Size Weight Size
28-40 inches 115-190 lbs Small/Medium
38-64 inches 170-300 lbs Large/XL

Depend for Men Underwear Maximum Absorbency feature a discreet, underwear-like waistband, brief-like leg openings, and is made in the USA.

Depend for Women Underwear

Depend for Women Incontinence Underwear, Moderate Absorbency, Small/Medium, 21 Count (Pack of 4)
Waist Size Hips Weight Size
28-40 inches 34-36 inches 115-190 lbs Small/Medium
38-50 inches 44-54 inches 170-260 lbs Large
48-64 inches 48-64 inches 200-300 lbs X-Large

Depend for Women Moderate Absorbency and Depend for Women Maximum Absorbency have comfortable oval-leg openings in a classic women’s style-brief.

Depend Adjustable Unisex Underwear

Depend Adjustable Incontinence Underwear, Maximum Absorbency, Small/Medium, 18 Count (Pack of 3)
Waist Size Weight Size
28-40 inches 115-190 lbs Small/Medium
38-64 inches 170-300 lbs Large/XL

Depend Adjustable Underwear feature perforated sides that neatly tear open with four prefastened adjustable tabs for a snug fit, allowing for the underwear to be slipped on and off.

Depend Guards for Men

Depend Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Protection, 52-Count
Weight Size
All Weights One Size Fits All

Depend Guards for Men are worn along with your own close-fitting underwear and have a discreet cup-shaped protection for men. They are individually wrapped in a cloth-like pouch and have adhesive strips.

Molicare Super Plus

Molicare Super-Plus Briefs Size Medium Pk/14
Waist Size Size
20-31 inches Small (dark purple)
27-56 inches Medium/Large (light purple)
34-64 inches Large/XL

Molicare Super Plus Briefs are the thickest and most absorbent diapers made by Molicare. The front and rear wings have extra padding for added protection and comfort. Super Plus has a large and thick mat of material that extends into the wings, while the Molicare Super has a trim ‘T’ shape for a more discreet look.

Prevail Protective Underwear

Prevail Extra Absorbency Underwear, Large, 18-Count (Pack of 4)
Waist Size Size
20-34 inches Small/Youth
34-44 inches Medium
44-58 inches Large
56-68 inches Extra Large
68-80 inches 2XL

Prevail Protective Underwear feature silky-soft outer fabric, ventilated waist panels, and a comfortable waist panel.

Tena Serenity Women’s Super Plus

TENA for Women Heavy Protection Underwear, Super Plus Absorbency, Small/Medium, 18 Count
Waist Size Size
29-40 inches Small/Medium
37-50 inches Large

Tena Slip Maxi

Tena Slip Maxi Brief Medium , White and Purple - 70 - 110cm
Waist Size Size
20-31 inches Small
28-43 inches Medium
39-59 inches Large

Tena Men’s Super Plus

TENA for Men Heavy Protection Underwear, Super Plus Absorbency, Medium/Large, 16 Count
Weight Size
34-50 inches Medium/Large
44-64 inches XL

Tranquility ATN

Tranquility ATN (All-through-the-Night) Fitted Briefs Size Small Case/100 (10 bags of 10)
Waist Size Size
24-32 inches Small
32-44 inches Medium
45-58 inches Large

Tranquility ATN have a patented “Peach Mat Construction” to provide skin dryness, neutralization of urine, odor control, and inhibition of bacterial growth. You can order a Tranquility ATN sample here.